7 Item Cat/Kitten Starter Kit

7 Item Cat/Kitten Starter Kit


Solutions have put together this collection of essentials to help you welcome your new feline friend into your home. There are 7 different items consisting of;

1 x Pet Carrier which will keep your pet safe and secure while being transported, it has a chrome plated steel grid door and ventilation holes that encourage healthy air flow at all times. The door locks to ensure a safe and secure environment. Suitable for cats / dogs / rabbits. Easy to clean.

2 x Food Dishes made by Armitage UK, this low sided sturdy cat dish is perfect for your feline as their whiskers do not have to bend to fit in the dish. Please select from 3 colour choices, red, blue or grey.

1 x Cat Play Ball, these brightly coloured balls are made of sturdy plastic. The tinkling bell is cleverly inside a smaller ball which is inside the larger ball which allows greater freedom of movement. They come in two colours; Choose Pink or Blue.

1 x Cat Nip Toy Pack consists of 6 assorted cat toys which come in a variety of fun and intriguing shapes, infused with irresistible Catnip.

3 x Plastic Balls with bells inside to stimulate your cat. Classic Cat toy.

1 x Cat Litter Tray finished in high-quality plastic. Ideal for kitties that don't like the covered boxes. There are 4 colour choices of tray and scoop, Red, Blue, Aqua and Graphite.

1 x Scoop The Cat Litter Scoops are a useful accessory for keeping your cat's litter tray fresh and clean, constructed of sturdy plastic, and finished with slots for scooping solid waste, and spikes for easy raking.

Armitage Food Dish
Litter Tray and Matching Scoop
Play Ball


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